Color of Space

Individual perception of space by its inhabitants is a topic which cuts to the core problems of cartography: the subjectivity of maps and the mis/representation of personal relationships to spaces of the people inhabiting them. David Harvey writes:

Social space ... is made up of a complex of individual feelings and images about and reactions towards the spatial symbolism which surrounds that individual."

David Harvey ~ Social Justice And the City

How can we begin to map these individual feelings?

One idea is to use color as a simple, abstract representation of the personal perception of geographical location. This project uses data collected via the internet using a google form posted to a popular forum site, with zip codes serving as geographical anchors to place data into context.

The only data collected, aside from the zip code for geographical location, was a 6-character hexadecimal number representing the color that the person associated with the area where they live. Placed into geographical context, these simple codes serve as the representation of the many aspects of the personal experience as related to the individual's location. Topographical, cultural and political patterns begin to emerge.