Ivan Safrin ~ Curriculum Vitae

Professional work.

Freelance Creative Technologist

2011 - Present

Lead design and development of interactive installations for IBM, NBC Universal, Google and other clients. Projection design for music videos for Blonde Redhead, Depeche Mode and MNDR. Commissioned installation work for Case Western Reserve University.

NYU Tandon

2014 - Present ~ Adjunct Professor

Designed and teaching CS3113 "Introduction To Game Programming" course and teaching CS6533 "Interactive Computer Graphics" course.


2015 - 2016 ~ Lead Creative Technologist

Lead design and development of all interactive projects at the studio.

Local Projects

2010 - 2011 ~ Creative Technologist

Project technical lead on the official 9/11 Memorial Guide for the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and other projects.


2007 - 2010 ~ Senior Developer

Lead Developer on the Nike iD online customization engine. Developer of numerous interactive installations and mobile applications.

Heavy Interactive

2004 - 2007 ~ Developer

Developer of online multimedia experiences and video player software.

Exhibitions and Installations.

"Geometry of Love" and "Constant Conversations", 2012

2012 - Soundplay Game Jam at The New Museum.

Music-based games for the bands Chromatics and Passion Pit, commissioned for Pitchfork's Soundplay series.

Illuminating Student Debt

2012 - Parson's Art in Odd Places Festival

Projection-based installation aiming to shed light on the student debt crisis by inviting people to text in their experiences to be projected on a public building.

Space Cruiser.

2012 (January) - Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History.

2012 (June) - World Science Festival.

Multiplayer space navigation game designed for fulldome planetarium projection with music by Greg Fox and narration by Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields.

Becoming Animal (with Minimaforms)

2011 - MoMA Talk To Me Exhibtion

2007 - Faster than Sound Festival

Interactive performance installation.

Osama's Dead, Baby

2011 - Future Babycastles

Interactive recreation of a viral YouTube video.

Open source work.

"Polycode", 2007 - Present

Open-source framework for creative code.

Misc Educator positions.

Tribeca Film Institute

2012 Film Fellows Program ~ New Media Instructor

Worked with the 2012 Film Fellows Summer Program participants on designing project proposals for a new media grant.


Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Ground Floor Residency Lab

June 2013

Talks and panels.

GDC 2015

Experimental Gameplay Workshop

Different Games conference at NYU, 2013

Different Tools lecture and workshop

NYU Tech Talks, 2012

Engines, Frameworks and The Means of Production.


NY1 - U.S. Open Serves Fans Data Through Interactive Wall

Vice Motherboard - Star Tripping In a Giant Space Cruiser - January 2012

Kotaku - To-Do In New York: Be Part of a 200-Person Sci-Fi Video Game in a Planetarium - January 2012

New York Observer - The Museum of Natural History's 200 Person Video Game, Starring Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt - January 2012

Creative Applications - Polycode - May 2011

Parsons Journal for Information Mapping - Pastiche - A Collective Composition of New York City - January 2010

CNN - A new way of looking at the world - November 2009

Snob Magazine - Russian Made - June 2009

Comparative Blogging Foundation - Visualizing Ideas: New York City in Pastiche - March 2009

PSFK - Mapping New York City'ss Collective Consciousness - March 2009

Vague Terrain - Pastiche: A Collective Composition of New York City - March 2009

information aesthetics - Pastiche: A Collective Visual Composition of New York City - February 2009

NBC New York - A New Way to Map Our Fair City - February 2009

The Pop-Up City - Pastiche and the Strength of the Soft City - February 2009

Gawker/io9 - Virtual Architecture: Enjoy A Virtual New York As Seen By Keywords - February 2009